Hello peeps!

For the beginning of my writing, a question. What you want to write about?

When you sign up to touch your keyboard, to start writing, you must know what is the real reason for your writing. Is it for fun? to vent your thoughts and feelings? to share your knowledge? to give benefits to your readers? Just name it, so your readers will know.

So, what people usually write on their page? I’m not really sure. Every person has their own unique reason to write. I believe that. The thing that I’m sure is the purpose of this page. I also have my own noteworthy purpose. You must have a reason why you do something, and this is my reason.

Hey, a little bit about me?


I’m Malaysian, with ESFJ personality type who loves reading, do research and passionate in writing. Thanks to the developer who gives this platform for people like me to write.

I’m gonna use this platform to share anything about lifestyle including self-care, food, travel, health, and beauty. Anything that will give benefit to people.

I don’t really care what others think about me especially when I make mistakes because it’s normal for people to do mistakes in learning. And the mistake is a part of the learning process. Nobody born as a perfect person and nobody is perfect actually. But we learn to improve ourselves for a better life.

So, this is my introduction to this page, a piece of cake about me and the purpose of this page. Check it out what next.

Flying notes coming soon.

Flying with love.


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